Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sam's House Birthday

A few days back Sam's House celebrated its seventh birthday.  This is a combination birthday for the house all the children's birthdays, as we discovered that celebrating every birthday individually was getting costly above 20 kids (however, we do celebrate the children's actual birthdays).

Anyhow, this birthday was extra special on one meaningful count: Joyce Rothchild, Sam's daughter, was in attendance, the first of her siblings to visit the house.

I'll let the pictures below tell the story, but I have to add one detail.  About 15 minutes after the program began (welcomes, speeches, dances by the children), the skies opened up.  Rain poured and poured and poured.  The tent held up for a while but it was no match.  Somewhere after cutting the cake and distributing the gifts, we had no choice but to retreat into the house--all 70-plus: children, board members, didis, and invited guests.  We scattered to different floors in the house and ate in shifts.  It was one of those fun moments that will make this party distinctive from all the others to follow.

The tent set up on the playground.  We would set up 70 chairs in here.

 Tara, Asuna and Ramila making papad.

Sangita mixing a potato dish -- aloo chomeki (sp?)

 Mamata braiding Samjhana's hair before the party.

 Shiva (there's nothing he cannot do) and Dhiraj rigging the sound system for the event.

Sharmila, Chija, Dipa and Ritika relaxing up in the "parlor."  About an hour before the event, all the girls sat on this porch together, fixing hair and putting makeup on each other.

Mina and Samjhana
Babit and Dhiraj lead the gang in a welcoming song.

 Joyce Rothchild addresses the gathering.

 Nepali board chairman, retired Maj. Chandra Bahadur Pun makes a speech. He served 44 years as a Gorkha soldier and yet was never educated.  He encouraged the children to make the most of their education.

 The cake, of course.

Joyce hands a present to Ambika.

 Durga and Ganga modelling their birthday presents... new shoes.

Shoes were the big present this year... Mamata, Maya and Sarita.


Ruth and Irwin said...

Rain or not-looks like fun! Wish we could have been there too.Thanks for sharing. Ruth and Irwin

Anonymous said...

What a great celebration! I am sure the rain did not dampen the spirits one bit. So happy to see pics of the beautiful kids. I miss them all!