Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nepali Board

As you likely know Sam's House is actually a partnership with a Nepali NGO called Kopila Bal Griha.  We have our board of trustees and oversee the fundraising for Kopila; the Kopila board does all the planning for the house and the children, and by contributing in other remarkable, sundry ways (as you'll see below).

The Kopila board meets regularly throughout the year, in addition to subcommitee meetings on house issues, children's education, and child admission.

A couple weeks ago they held their annual meeting at which, by law, they must review the year's accomplishments and start planning for the year ahead.  Like our trustees, the Kopila board serve as volunteers, so the annual meeting is held in a restaurant as a very small token of appreciation for their remarkable contributions.

Secretary Pradip Regmi reads the annual report. 

Dinesh suggests a possible local fundraising ideas for the house.  Board chair Maj. Chandra Bahadur Pun listens intently.

But the board members do not merely serve in a meeting capacity. Trustee Yamuna Buddhacharya traveled with Eka Dev and Ramila to eastern Nepal where they met two young girls whose parents had recently perished in a boat accident on the Koshi River.  This was a three day trip one way with travel over some very difficult terrain.  Both girls are now living happily at Sam's House.

Eka Dev, Ramila, and Yamuna pose with village officials and neighbors who serve as witnesses when the children are placed in our care.

Ramila and Yamuna help Anita across the river.

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