Monday, September 16, 2013

First Term School Results

Typically I feel it's a little tacky to boast on children's academic accomplishments, but we can always make an exception for Sam's House.

The SH gang recently took their first term exams (Nepali school year starts in April) and the results have come back.  Because of their hard work, your support, and Shiva's excellent and forbearing tutelage, all the children did very well, placing in the top 10 of their classes with few exceptions. Of special note:

Amrit (1st) class seven
Sabita (3rd) class seven
Bishal (4th) class five
Dipa (1st) class four
Sharmila (2nd) class four
Pratima (3rd) class four
- Sam's House, apparently, rules class four
Bibek (2nd) class two
Parwati (2nd) class one

The children continue to recognize the importance of their education and express their determination to do well.  I was talking to Sarita about her class rank for the last quarter.  I asked where she placed.
"That's great," I told her.
"Not for me."

Of course these are just numbers and ranks and pale indicators of what is really much more important... the opportunity to learn that you (our dear supporters) have provided to these children.  Thank you.

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