Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thank you, Dinesh... Welcome Eka Dev!

     Dinesh on the job    

Eka Dev Devkota

From the first day of Sam's House, when it was only an idea back in 2004, we knew that our friend Dinesh Rajbhandari would be the only person who could make it happen.  At the time, he was considering looking for work in the U.S. But when we approached him about Sam's House, he decided that's what he wanted as well.  And thank goodness he did... starting Sam's House turned out to be, logistically, about 100 times harder than any of us expected.  In spite of all our research beforehand, we could not have anticipated how much unknown accompanies starting a children's home.  But no matter how hard the turn, Dinesh took everything in stride and, in just a few years, made Sam's House into one of the most respected children's homes in Nepal.  It's not an exaggeration to say he has been the single most important person in making Sam's House a reality.

* That photo above is from the annual Sam's House picnic in 2008. A goat wandered into our picnic area and without hesitation Dinesh popped up, grabbed its leash, and led it away.  Just one of the many, many unforseen tasks that directing Sam's House would require.

Working in Pokhara was keeping Dinesh and his wife Rekha away from their families in Kathmandu.  As much as they enjoyed Sam's House, family obligations were calling.  Earlier this year, Dinesh took a position in Kathmandu.  However, he won't go far... Dinesh has agreed to take a position on the board of trustees where he joins Rekha, who has served as a trustee since 2007.

Of course we were very concerned about who would fill Dinesh's extremely capable shoes... we only had to look as far as the Nepali board of Sam's House.  Eka Dev Devkota, who has served as board chair since 2007, vacated his spot to become the new director.  And we couldn't be happier since he already had intimate knowledge of Sam's House.   For nearly 15 years, Eka Dev has worked as the mobile camps coordinator for the International Nepal Fellowship.  He has extensive background experience in management and administration and we are just so excited that he will be leading Sam's House into the near future.  His energy for his new position is already very obvious and we're confident that Sam's House will continue to fulfill its mission to serve orphaned and at-risk children in Nepal... thanks, of course, to your continuing support.

So thank you, Dinesh!  And welcome Eka Dev!