Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ranjit Gurung -- Our Dear Friend

A bit of bad news for Sam's House this week as our good friend Ranjit Gurung passed away in a London hospital yesterday surrounded by family and friends. Though Ranjit and his wife Ama were technically our landlords, they served more as de facto grandparents to the Sam's House gang, providing supervision and activities of all kinds.  During the school year, Ranjit and Ama would bring chairs down to the playground at 4 p.m. to go "on duty."

Ranjit served in the Gurkha Army during which he developed a keen interest in and skill for tennis.  Upon retirement, he and Ama built a beautiful house and tennis club in north Pokhara that would later become Sam's House.  Ranjit patiently and graciously provided lessons to the children during the warmer months.

Ranjit's interest in tennis increased when he was diagnosed with diabetes in his 50s.  He began playing tennis every day and watching his diet (under Ama's supervision) and with his steady devotion to better health, he maintained an active lifestyle into his 70s.

 Ranjit conducting a tennis lesson with the children.  He donated all the equipment.

More than anything, Ranjit was a generous and gentle friend to all who knew him.  Always quick with a laugh and always quick with a warm smile, Sam's House could not have been more fortunate to have his presence during our first six years.  We will miss him dearly.