Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tennessee Ragnar for Sam's House

Last weekend, 12 runners loped up back roads from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Nashville in a 196-mile race known as a Ragnar Relay.  Each of the team members raised money for Sam's House, which as of our latest tally, equaled $4,491, enough for six weeks of operating costs.  In other words, six weeks of food, shelter, clothing, education, and love for 27 children.  Thank you so so much, runner and donors alike!

 The 2012 Tennessee Ragnar team (across back, left to right): Carter Beach, Michael Eble, Chris Butler, Brook Miller, John Butler, Tom Lundin, Julie Lundin, and Jim McPhillips. (In front, left to right): Katie Bergman, Jennifer Forshey, Jennifer Rothchild, and Elizabeth Butler

Collectively, the runners have many people to thank for their support of the race, including:

Patrick Bensi
Beth Bergman
James Bird
Jayne Blodgett
Brenda Boever
Sylke Boyd
Sheila Brennan and Ian Bird
John and Julie Buchta
Carole Butler
Skipweth and Linda Calvert
Janet Cowart
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Dickson
Connie Eble
Stephen Feid
Colin Finan
Joseph Findar
Jack Goldsmith
Sara Green
Kenneth and Patricia Harper
Seth Herring
Edward Hopkins
Daniel Kalick
John and Linda Kolaya
Chantal Lalonde
Stephanie Landes
Andrew and Barbara Lihani
Bill and Pat Lundin
Elena Machkasova
Yasmina Madden
Jason and Megan Maher
Jimmy and Anji Marinella
Audrey and Roger Mark
Byron Marshall
Colleen Maschal
Ann McClellan
Mary E. McClellan
Craig Miller
Sandra Miller
Brian Moran
David and Kristin Movius
Kimberly Mysers
Anne and Steve Noonan
Brad and Pam Perkins
Ruth and Irwin Rothchlid
Joyce Rothchild
Sarah Russell
Laura and Chris Skinner
Kari Smalkoski
Elizabeth Snyder
Susan Torzilli
Rebecca Vincent
Karen Walker
Heather Waye and Peter Dolan
Judith Webb

A big Sandeep smooch for all of you...

This was our second Ragnar in support of Sam's House, and by all reports the team had a wonderful time.  We're always looking for more runners...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Girls' Home Inauguration

Last weekend, Sam's House opened its new girls' home in Pokhara.  The six oldest girls at Sam's House will move in at the end of the current holiday season.  The home is the result of a lot of foresight, planning and work on behalf of Dinesh, the Sam's House staff and its trustees.

The new home will provide the girls with the opportunity to develop independent living skills they will need for life after Sam's House.  Now, in addition to their schoolwork, they will take a more active role in daily upkeep of the home, cooking, cleaning, and learning how to budget for a household income.

The new home is located 200 yards behind Gorhka English Boarding School, so the girls will have a nice short walk in the mornings.  They will live with one house mother at a time.  The individual didis will take one month rotations in the house so that the girls maintain their relationships with the house.

We'd like to offer special gratitude to the Bergman Family who is graciously providing the operating funds for the new home this year in memory of their wife and mother, Helen Bergman.

 Amrit and Mamata scan the books on the new bookshelf.

 The boys inspect one of the bedrooms.

 Shiva, the dance teacher, joined the celebration and toured the new home.

 Mamata, Sarita, Sabita and Mina have a laugh in the mother's room.

 As always, snacks were served.

 Mamata sits with the new computer in the girls' home.

 Maya cuts the ribbon on the new home.

 Mina lights some candles before entering for good luck.

 The whole SH gang at the inauguration.

 The six residents of the new girls' home (clockwise from left): Mina, Mamata, Sabita, Maya, Sarita, and Chija.

A few of the Nepali trustees were on hand (from left): Ekdev Devkota, Pradip Regmi, and Maj. Chaundra Bahadur Pun.