Sunday, September 30, 2012

Teacher Day

The children recently celebrated Teacher Day, a special occasion when they honor Shiva, the house tutor, and Ramila, the house manager who doubles as a second tutor.

Mina makes a speech thanking Ramila and Shiva.

 Shiva and Ramila cut the cake.  

 Mina and Samjhana feed Ramila the first piece.

 Ganga presents flowers to Shiva.

 Sandeep with a gift for Ramila.

 Parbati hands a present to Shiva.

We have excellent tutors and the Sam's House children receive an excellent education... this is thanks to you and your support.  Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Free Medical Check-Ups

A group of Korean volunteers from the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOIKA) stopped by Sam's House where they conducted free medical and dental check-ups on all the children.  The children (and didis) were measured for height, weight, and had their blood tested.  Dinesh noted that none of the children cried when having blood drawn.  See Dipika below.

 Dipika doesn't flinch.

 Bibek opens wide.

 Pratima's turn.

 Pushpa yawns.

 Measuring Mamata.  She is quite tall.

 Even the didis were tested and examined.

Dinesh and Rekha with the volunteers.

You may ask how Sam's House fell into such largesse.  Through Dinesh and Rekha's culture and language training organization, they come into contact with lots of expats and volunteers who occasionally donate some time and skills to Sam's House.  It is a wonderful connection and we are grateful.

Nothing Like a Fresh Coat of Paint

Having been in the house for five years now, and with 27 children running around, steady maintenance is constant activity.

This fall, the top to the gazebo was replaced, installing a tin roof for the old thatch one.  It was starting to leak pretty bad. 

 The slide, basketball hoop, and swings also received a touch-up.

Mamata in Sano Pari

Mamata recently competed in a local talent show called "Sano Pari and Sano Babu."  She performed a dance and was interviewed on stage.  She did not win, but had a fantastic time. The SH gang was really proud of her.

 Mamata on stage.

 Mamata with Sangita, Mina and Maya before the competition.

 Mamata's contest photo.

More than 40 contestants in the show.