Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tennessee Ragnar for Sam's House

This November 9-10, eleven intrepid runners (plus the author) will be running 196 miles from Chattanooga to Nashville, part of a relay called the Tennessee Ragnar.

However, they are not running merely for sport.  The team is raising funds for Sam's House, a children's home located in Pokhara, Nepal which provides love, security, and education to 27 orphaned and abandoned children.

Please look around our website and consider making a pledge to Sam's House.  Ninety-five cents of every dollar goes directly to serving the children.

Meet the Sam's House team for the 2012 Tennessee Ragnar.

Sam's House... a home for today, hope for tomorrow! 

 Team Sam's House from the Great River Ragnar (2010)


JDA said...

so how did you come up with this event? halfway between Morris and Washington? so how long does it take the intrepid team of 11 to cover 196 miles? and how do the logistics work - getting Jen from leg 11 to 23... just very curious. Check is in the mail.

Christopher Butler said...

We chose this race because we could score accommodations at the Rothchild's house in Atlanta, thus saving us some money.

We pack six runners each into two 15-passenger vans and leapfrog up the road. Each runner has three legs of varying lengths, one of which is run in the dead of night.

We did this a couple years ago in Minnesota and had a blast, so we ante'd up again. Though older now and likely slower. Thank you for thinking of us!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the relay run this weekend, all!
- Cousin Anne :)