Wednesday, July 04, 2012

School Vacation Trips

With the end of the school year, the SH gang had three weeks of vacation to enjoy.  The older children went to Manakamana to visit a historic temple which is reachable by cable car.  They also stayed overnight at a hotel, which for many of them was their first stay in a hotel.
 On the bus ride to Manakamana.

 Ritika, Dipa and Sharmila in the cable car.

 Mina does not appear to enjoy the heights, but Sarita is there to calm her nerves.

 At the temple...
 Dipa, Pratima, Sharmila, Chija and Ritika.

 Mina, Sangita, Maya, Sarita, and Sabita.

 The whole gang plus didis Ramila and Asuna.

The middle children went to the Peace Pagoda on the far side of Phewa Lake and the Mountaineering Museum in the southern end of Pokhara.  

 Pushpa, Santosh, Bishal, Saran, Rina and Suraj at the Peace Pagoda.

The littlest ones had a picnic down by the Seti River with the didis.  They had a great time, but some heavy rains caught them on the walk home… 

Please know that making these trips, having these opportunities would have been inconceivable to the children prior to Sam’s House.  Your support makes this possible.  Thank you.

Scholarship for Sangita

Sam’s House recently admitted a new girl into the house with special circumstances… here are the details from Dinesh:

“We had received an application from a girl (16) who had just passed SLC in first division (equal to high school graduation) from Nawalparasi district. Her name is Sangita. Her mother abandoned her when she was young and her father passed away last year. She has two younger sisters living with their relatives in the village. Even though Sangita passed School Leaving Certificate Exam in first division, she did not have any money to go to college.  Sangita's aunt (mother's sister) is studying in a college in Pokhara.  She had heard about Sam's House. She and her friend came to SH with an application for Sangita seeking help for her further study. After investigation and all the procedures, the admission committee decided to support her for further study. She has been admitted in Kanya Campus (girl's college) at Nadipur. She lives in SH and helps little children with their study in the morning and evening and she goes to college during the day. She is a smart girl. She is getting along very well with everyone in the house.”

You may have noticed Sangita appearing in some recent photos.  She has been a great influence in the house and has become fast friends with the older girls. 

As with all things we do at Sam’s House, you make this possible. 

Education Report

The SH gang recently received their grades for the school year.  As usual, all the children did very well on their final exams.  From Dinesh…

“We have had children's final term reports from Gorkha English Boarding School. All of them have done really well. Parbati and Dipa will skip a class this year due to their excellent work and Chija will also skip a class due to her age and also her excellent results.”

All the children received distinction and higher for the year, while eight of the children placed in the first division.  You can see the full report here.

Dinesh (and everyone) takes particular pride in the education of the children.  These excellent results are due in large part to your support which not only funds their attendance at school, but also tutors, school uniforms, and materials.   Thank you, thank you, thank you…