Saturday, April 07, 2012

Annual Picnic (2012)

The Sam's House gang celebrated its fifth anniversary last week with a picnic at Mahendra Cave north of Pokhara. The anniversary also coincides with the end of the school year, so it is a time of great rejoicing.

Photos from Dinesh below...

Loading up the bus.

Samjhana, Sharmila, Dipa and Mina

The boys: Dhiraj, Babit and Bishal

Ever the acrobat, Saran hanging out.

A little bit of dancing before lunch.

Mina, the eldest, cuts the cake.

Samjhana covered in balloons... perhaps left over from Ronnie's visit.

Sarita takes a whack at the clay pot (Nepalese version of the pinata).

Dhiraj's turn.

Shiva takes a turn, a successful one.

The ever-popular balloon stomp.

The older girls with Ramila.

Jamuna, Sandeep, Samjhana, and Parbati.

Inside the Mahendra Cave... famous for its bats. Really. Also a very neat place for the children to run around and explore (outside the cave).

Rekha with Sarita, Sabita, Amrit, and Ramila.

The venerable didis.

The whole gang at the cave.

So it's been five years. Hard to believe. When I look at that bottom picture I feel an incredible rush of gratitude for all the people who have supported Sam's House through the years and continue to do so today. For all the hard work put in by Dinesh, his board, Rekha, and the didis, none of this would be possible without you. We hope you will always remember that. You have given 26 children family, security, opportunity, and love. They thank you from the bottom of their collective heart.