Saturday, March 03, 2012


Samjhana has arrived at Sam's House. You may recall that she is the little sister of Parbati. At the time, we could not accept both children because Samjhana was too young. So Dinesh arrange financial support for her grandparents to continue raising her until we had more room at Sam's House.

The note from Dinesh:

"Just wanted to inform you that we have recently admitted Parwati's sister Samjhana. Samjhana is now 3 years old. Although she comes from a small village in Syngja district, she was living with her grandparents in Pokhara for the last two years. Previously, she was in a day care center run by another NGO in Pokhara. Samjhana is a smart girl. She got along very well with everyone in the house from the day she arrived. She is now going to the pre-school run by Gorkha Boarding School."

Thanks all to you, our supporters. You made this new home possible for Samjhana.

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