Friday, March 09, 2012

Holi 2012

Sam's House, and much of South Asia, celebrated Holi this week, the annual festival with religious significance to Hindus, but known by much of the world as the very fun-looking day of balloon and dye-throwing. Ask anyone who has been there to participate, it is blast.

Ramila pours out the dye while the children waited with baited breath.

Mina, Maya and friends prepare balloons.

Ganga and Jamuna, early casualties.


Holi is typically playground chaos until the water and dye run out.


Ramila. The house mothers are not spared.

The baby in front, Samjhana, is spared. More likely, she napped through festivities!


Thank you for your support of Sam's House. Because of you, the children can celebrate these holidays and have fun like any normal child. Thank you.

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