Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ronnie the Flower Clown

For those of you who joined us at the Sam's House Fab Friday fundraiser last August, you no doubt remember the incredibly talented (and patient) clown who entertained the kids for hours. That was Ronnie the Flower Clown and his family is staying at Sam's House this week. He did a routine at the house this week that I'm sure will spur many requests for repeat performances during his stay. He really is amazing.

GEBS Farewell

The Sam's House gang was asked to perform some formal (formal = costumes and makeup) dance numbers as part of their school's graduation day. Their performances were met by rave reviews... here are Dinesh's comments:

"Yesterday, Gorkha Boarding School organized a farewell (graduation) function for the students of class 10 who are leaving the school. Rani performed his magic and our children performed many dance items. Their performance was excellent!!! All the dance items were performed only by SH children. All the teachers and students were surprised to see their dances as it was their first performance in the school. They got a lot of clapping."

Ronnie the Flower Clown also graciously added his talents to the ceremony. Pics below.

Sabita, Ritika, Chija, Sharmila and Pratima


The graduating class at GEBS.

Bishal, Saran and Suroj waiting to perform.

Ronnie entertains one of the graduating students.

From left: Chija, Sarita, Pratima, Sabita, Ritika, and Mamata.

Sabita, Mina, Sharmila, Maya, and Sarita.

Bishal, Rina, Saran, Pratima, Suroj, and Dipa.


Chija and Mamata.

After the performances: Maya, Mamata, Mina, Sabita, Dipa, and Sharmila.

What Dinesh's note doesn't say, but I know to be true: this was a real thrill for the Sam's House children. As they get older, we worry about the children being stigmatized by their situation, but opportunities like this help give them confidence and show their school mates they lead a normal, active life, no different from others.

You make this possible. Thank you.