Tuesday, November 08, 2011

SLC Success for Sita

With Dinesh's initiative, Sam's House started a scholarship program in 2009 for local children who, without your support, would have to drop out of school and discontinue their education.

Each year, graduating high school seniors (or the Nepalese equivalent of) take a nationwide exam for the School Leaving Certificate. SLC, for short. It's a massive comprehensive test that students spent the better part of a year preparing for.

A few months ago, Sita Thapa, one of the scholarship students learned she not only had passed the SLC, but earned first division marks. They celebrated her accomplishment at the house.

This is just one of the many things you make possible with your support of Sam's House. Thank you.

That's Sita in the brown, ready for the celebration to start.

Dinesh with a gift from the house.

After receiving her gift, Sita gives out candy to the children with help from Maya.

Mina and Sita

Holiday Season in Nepal

Another holiday season has come and gone in Nepal. After nearly a month free from school, the Sam's House gang has gone back to school to resume their studies and the didis take a collective breath as they can enjoy a few peaceful moments during the day.

As has become SH custom, those children who have relatives (that we can find and/or contact) go home for a day or two during Deshain, mostly to keep those familial ties current. They return to the house and have several celebrations and visit Dinesh's home to receive tika. After Deshain, they celebrate bhai tika for Tihar, a holiday to commemorate the bonds between brothers and sisters.

A few photos below...

Tika and gifts from the didis.

Picnic in the yard.

Tika from Dinesh and Rekha.

Wading in the river near Dinesh's house.

Plenty of time for soccer.

In real Deshain fashion, they killed and prepared a goat at the house this year for the first time. We'll spare you the photos, but the children were delighted with the event!