Monday, September 05, 2011

Sam's Birthday

On September 1 each year, Sam's House celebrates the birthday of its inspirational founder--Sam Rothchild--and the birthdays of the 27 children. In our first year, we celebrated everyone's birthday on the proper date, with a cake and presents... there were only 15 children at that time. Then Dinesh wisely suggested one large blowout on 9/1 and then smaller, token celebrations for the children on the proper dates during the year. It has been a rousing, and economical, success.

I was pleased to be at Sam's House for the annual birthday this year. We gathered in the social room where Parbati, being the youngest, cut the cake. Tara passed out candy, and Prema gave tika to everyone. Then Ramila and Shiva distributed presents. This year, everyone received a new pair of nice jeans. We went to the roof for some photos. The children are getting new shirts at Deshain in October to go with the jeans. Shhhh. It's a secret.

It is you, dear supporter, who makes these celebrations possible. Once the children could not have imagined celebrating their birthdays, and a few of our children likely didn't know on which day their birthday fell. But thanks to your generosity, they celebrate the passing year with high times and fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Parbati cuts the cake with some assistance from Ramila.

Prema gives tika to Rina.

Tara didi passing out candy.

Chija with Ganga and Jamuna, modeling their new jeans.

Dhiraj and Suroj.

Maya and Sarita... every bit the self-conscious teens now, though they did allow for this photo to be taken.

Rina and Dipa.

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