Monday, September 05, 2011

First Term Marks of 2064 Year

As you know, education is heavily stressed at Sam's House. The children do a compulsory two hours of homework every night with the help of a tutor, and another hour and a half in the morning, also with a tutor. Given the children's backgrounds and lack of traditional family ties (the usual way of finding employment in Nepal), education will be extremely important to their future success.

They took first term exams in July (the school year in Nepal starts in April) and Ramila, the house manager, shared their results. Her e-mail is below...

Respected sir,

I hope all is going well with you and your family and here is also well . We miss you and your family. When are you coming to KCH? I am very happy to share this good news with you that our children did excellent in their 1st term exams. Many of them placed in the top three of their class.

Class - 5
Amrit: 90.25 -2nd position
Sabita: 86.45 -3rd position

Class - 2
Kiran: 93.90 - 2nd position
Pratima: 93.20 -3rd position

Class -1
Dipa: 99.11 -1st position
Ritika: 96.06 -2nd position

Lower Kindergarten :
Jamuna: 99.67 -3rd position

Parwati: 99.58 - 1st position

I hope you will be happy to hear this good news .

Ramila Shrestha

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