Monday, September 05, 2011

6th Annual Fab Friday

Once again our Cleveland family topped itself with an outstanding Fab Friday Picnic at the Bay Village Community House. On a warm and sunny August evening there were arts and crafts, tattoos, corn hole games, delicious burgers and hot dogs, and, most impressively, incredible balloon animals from Ronnie the Flower Clown. Best of all, we raised just over $22,000 for Sam's House, which nearly accounts for a half-year's budget. That's love and education and brothers and sisters and clothes and games and medicine and security for six months to 27 children.

Especial heartfelt thanks to our Sam's House angel Jennifer Forshey and her legion of friends, family and colleagues who made it such a wonderful event.

We hear the word freedom often these days, but there seems to be a lot of disagreement about what freedom actually entails. Here's my favorite definition (paraphrased) from the Nobel economist Amartya Sen: freedom is the opportunity to have a life worth living.

That's what our Sam's House supporters provide to the children: freedom... the opportunity to have a life worth living, free from fear, free from hunger and oppression, free to learn and make a contribution to this world.

From the bottom of my heart and theirs, thank you, thank you, thank you...

The Bay Community House was a new setting for this year's Fab Friday.

Fearless leader Jennifer Forshey penning a direction sign in the hours before the event.

Hannah Smith helps decorate the Community House.

Ronnie the Flower Clown valiantly kept the children entranced for three hours with his magical creations. Seriously, if you're looking for incredible children's entertainment, this is your guy.

Mike Kraft (coming to a movie theater near you soon in the "The Double") ponders his chances in the annual cornhole tournament.

Sam's House director Dinesh Rajbhandari was a special guest this year, all the way from Pokhara. He made a short speech of thanks and then drew winning lottery tickets with event organizer Jennifer Forshey.

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