Sunday, April 10, 2011

Summertime and the Livin's Easy...

April is summer vacation between school terms in Nepal. The children love it, as all kids do, but it can be a particular challenge to the didis, suddenly having 25 energetic bodies running around the house all day. Fortunately, Dinesh has planned a long slate of activities for the month, including tennis instruction, art lessons, and music lessons. There's also time for haircuts.

Babit, Amrit and the music teacher.

Dhiraj on the keyboard.


Mina, Sabita, and Maya on guitar.

As you may recall, Ranjit, our old landlord, used to give tennis lessons at the house, which the children loved. After Ranjit moved to London, Dinesh found another local instructor to continue teaching. The rackets and tennis balls were donated by Ranjit and Dinesh Shrestha, one of our Nepali board members.

Sabita with nice follow-through.

Rekha works on a serious-looking Rina.

Manju's turn.

Sarita as the finished product.

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Anonymous said...

great photos - how wonderful to see the kids using the instruments!! Kathie Stein