Saturday, April 09, 2011

Kiran in the Talent Show

So the Sam's House gang is on summer vacation for school, but Kiran was busy this week in Kathmandu competing in a national talent show specifically for young people living in children's homes.

Kiran advanced to the national show from a qualifying competition in Pokhara (she and Mina were the Sam's House entries). Ramila accompanied Kiran to Kathmandu last week for five days of rehearsals (there were some group numbers) and to learn a new dance for the competition. It was a big week as Kiran had never been to Kathmandu before and it was her longest time away from the house since she arrived three years ago. She got a little homesick: when Kiran called Sam's House she became emotional talking to her siblings back in Pokhara, who all wished her well.

And well she did. Kiran didn't win the competition, but by all reports performed wonderfully and represented the house with style. We're so proud of her as you should be too, dear supporter, because it is your contributions that make these opportunities available to the Sam's House gang. Opportunities like dance competitions that once upon a time, they could not have imagined taking part in, but now, because of you, they are reality and will become special memories for the future.

Kiran's performance (video)

Event poster. Very formal.

Ramila helping Kiran dress before the show.

Kiran warming up before the show.

Kiran awaiting the announcement of the winners.

All the competitors with the panel of celebrity judges. That's Kiran to the left.

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Lauren said...

O my gosh! I am so proud of her! That is amazing, Kiran is such a champ, I am so glad that she was able to have that experience. There are a lot of really talented kids at Sam's House; I'm so glad I had the chance to meet all of them.

Also: I couldn't get the video to work, might want to look at that.