Sunday, April 17, 2011

Final Grades for the 2067 School Year

From Dinesh:

"I am very happy to share this good news with you that our children did excellent in their final exams being top 3 positions.

Here are the results:

Class Five
Maya: 82.11% - 2nd position

Class Four
Sabita: 85.12% - 3rd position

Class Three
Kiran: 97.54% - 2nd position
Pratima: 96.88% - 3rd Position

(I remember seeing these Kiran and Pratima sitting in the back row of their upper kindergarten class looking, shall we say, less than studious. Proved us wrong.)

Upper Kindergarten
Dipa: 99.60% - 1st Position
Rina: 99.00% - 2nd Position
Ritika: 98.90% - 3rd Position

Lower Kindergarten
Bibek: 99.92% - 1st Position

Jamuna: 98.76% - 1st Position
Ganga: 97.93% - 3rd Position

Mina and Sarita had skipped a grade last year, but they have also done an excellent job. Mina came in 4th position in class 6 and Sarita in 8th position in class 4."

The Sam's House academic powerhouse rolls along... thank you.

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Sheila said...

Wa-hoo to everyone for a great school year!