Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photos in March

Tending to other business in Nepal, Jennifer and I were able to visit Sam's House this month. The children were preparing for end of the year exams and very busy. Everyone is doing great, as usual. We never cease to be amazed at how much the children progress and how happy everyone seems to be, from the children to the didis. It is a loving and caring home that you make possible!

The youngest have time on the playground as their siblings study for exams.

Sarita, Sabita and Dhiraj studying for exams.

Ramila working with the young 'uns after school.

Dipika ready for school. Frilly dress over a t-shirt? Check. Hankie pinned to dress? Check.

Dhiraj helps Bibek with his tie. Dhiraj is a sweet big brother. Always helping the little ones and quick to help pacify the occasional skirmishes on the playground.

Sarita, Ramila, Maya and Pushpa

Suroj and Amrit

Chija and Jamuna. Chija is a remarkable little girl. She is 14 years old but no taller than Rina or Pratima due to the fact that she was malnourished for several years in her childhood. She never went to school and worked as a servant in another villager's home. So today, she is in first grade. Just the sweetest disposition and incredibly mature and kind with her siblings.

Bibek and Santosh

Sarita literally puts her nose to the books.

The twins with a final buff before school. I can finally tell them apart. Jamuna is a little bit taller.

The prime minister getting ready for school. You should see that coat up close. Boys are only required to wear coats in the winter, but Bishal continue to wear his in the spring. He's a very formal guy.

Pramila and Pushpa

The finished product.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mural Finished

Lauren Morrison, the volunteer who spearheaded and designed the mural in the Sam's House dining room, is now finished. It is beautiful.

I was at Sam's House last week for a very brief visit and the didis and children immediately wanted to show me the mural. They're very proud of it. Thank you, Lauren!

Dipika Sings

Dipika one morning before leaving for play group...