Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!

A couple weeks ago, Sam's House held its annual picnic, celebrating four years! Every year it seems the celebrations get a little more lavish (relatively speaking)... as they should. It's a fantastic day for the kids, the didis and all the trustees who watch over the home and make sure the children are safe and happy. This year they had a catered lunch in a park down at Lakeside with a large tent to stay out of the elements, though it looked like a beautiful day.

So here's to Dinesh and Rekha and the whole crew at Sam's House! In the Nepali way... "Congratulations! We wish you a most auspicious fifth year! Dherai dhanyabaad!"

Ramila, Pramila and Asuna serve lunch. (That's Dinesh in the back... who's taking the photo?)

Sack race

The trustees and staff. From left, with his back to camera, that's Shiva (the dance/music teacher), Shova (trustee), Shova's husband, Umar (house accountant), Ekdev (board chair) and Major Pun (trustee).

Balloon stomp

Amrit takes a big swing at the pinata.

Asuna, Tara, and Pramila

Rekha with the girls.

And one of my favorite photos from the 1st picnic... a house director's job has many unexpected tasks!

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