Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Art Projects at School

Lauren Morrison, a young woman from California, via Wisconsin, is spending six weeks at Sam's House. She is a fine arts major from UW-Madison and a very talented artist and she is kindly sharing her skills at Sam's House as well as Gorkha English Boarding School where the children attend.

Below are some photos from her day with grade 4. They made 3D collages with an "Under the Sea" theme.

Amrit working diligently.

Having a special guest teacher always draws a crowd. It may be hard to see, but that's Sandeep, the little one in the middle window frame, no doubt truant from his own classroom.

The class showing their finished works.

Sarita's collage.

Amrit's collage.

And, as an added bonus, a short clip from dance class at the house.


Jenn said...

Go Badgers! Thanks for sharing these pics and the dance video. It's hard to realize that these children are already better artists and dancers than I will ever be...

Jen and Chris said...

Come on, Jenn. You got some moves left! I've seen 'em.