Friday, January 07, 2011

Dherai Dhanyabaad! Fundraiser in 2010

Again this year we have so many people to thank for their support of Sam's House. It is both humbling and gratifying to take stock of all the special people who give their time, effort and money to making a difference in the lives of the Sam's House children.

In 2010 we were most fortunate to have the following people spreading the news about Sam's House...

January 2010

- For a second year, the students at Our Lady of the Assumption in Atlanta, Georgia, runs a penny drive for Sam's House.

March 2010

- Also for a second year, the Heidt family produce stand sells veggies for Sam's House in Cumming, Georgia

April 2010

- The Sam's House yard sale in Morris, MN raises a record $4,200. Much thanks all around to neighbors, friends, colleagues and family.

June 2010

- Liz Deegan's Brownie troop in University Heights, OH hosts a yard sale for Sam's House.

July 2010

- In Canton, OH, Tommy and Taylor Lundin, and Madeline and Evelyn Lundin hold a lemonade stand for Sam's House.

August 2010

- The 5th annual Sam's House Fabulous Family Friday breaks its own attendance and fundraising record.

- An intrepid and foolhardy group of runners jog all night in the Great River Ragnar to raise money for Sam's House.

- Morris Kiwanis sell snow cones for Sam's House at the Stevens County fair.

September 2010

- Maxine Weir and her Circle of Friends in Cleveland, OH host a dinner party in honor of Sam's House.

October 2010

- Oanh Ho runs her first race, which happens to be the Chicago Marathon! She ran for the challenge and she also ran for Sam's House.

- Gabriella and Karen Orellana host a yard sale in Suwanee, GA for Sam's House.

When people ask about Sam's House, we take just as much pride in the children as we do in saying that we have the most incredible array of dedicated supporters anyone could imagine. It is overwhelming to think of all the kind actions (thoughts, words, etc.) people have taken on behalf of the Sam's House children half a world away. We, they, all of us are grateful.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2011.

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