Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brief Update with Parachutes!

We received a brief update from Dinesh the other day. The children were enjoying a four day break from school after second term exams.

To celebrate, the older children and the house mothers went to the movies and had a fantastic time. Due to their smallness and lack of cinema house attention span, the five littlest (Dipika, Ganga, Jamuna, Sandeep and Rina) stayed at home. Probably a good call.

Earlier in the week, three British students who were volunteering at a local school visited the house. They brought music and a parachute to play with. And everyone had an outstanding time.

Alas, this play time could not last forever. The new school term started this week.

British students leading the children in a game.

Mina, Maya, Kiran and Ritika

Mina and Sarita

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