Monday, November 08, 2010

Tihar 2010

The Nepali holiday season closes this week with Diwali. Last weekend, Dinesh and Rekha hosted the Sam's House gang for last day of Tihar called bhai tika, the annual celebration of brothers and sisters, which includes plenty of food, dancing and games.

As is custom, sisters honor brothers with food, usually pastries or candy. Brothers honors sisters with gifts of money and/or clothing.

Dinesh reports it was a fantastic day all around... photos below.

The didis and girls put a lot of work into preparing the blessings. Here they ready to bless their brothers. That's Ritika in the lower left showing Dipika the ropes.

The brothers pre-ceremony.

Maya draws tika on Sara

Sandeep and Bibek.

And dancing, always plenty of dancing... Sabita, Mina, Maya, Mamata and Sarita.

In this number we have Kiran, Mamata, Rina, Sabita and Pratima.

It's always a big day for the girls as it's one of the few times of the year they can wear make-up.

The boys join in... Dhiraj, Bishal (ever the dancing fool) and Saran across the back. Ritika, Rina, Pratima and Kiran in front.

Sarita (partly obscured), Kiran, Chija, Ritika and Pratima

Here's a number with brothers and sisters: that's Santosh and Rina (back left), Dhiraj and Ritika (left front), Bishal and Pratima (center), Saran and Kiran (right front)

Psychologists and child development specialists say that ritual is extremely important to young people... rituals provide a way that a child can develop a sense of security, stability, belonging, connectedness, and pride in his or her family.

Thanks to you, the Sam's House gang has that structure, that special way of marking their lives through holidays celebrated in the warm company of family.

You make that possible.


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its great to see happiness of children of Sam's House. Happy festival, happy children...

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