Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Nice Dance

One of the things I love about Nepal is that all the children know how (and love) to dance, specifically cultural dances. I imagine they learn from family members or other people in their villages.

The Sam's House gang has a dance teacher who comes on the weekends and taught the older girls (Mina, Maya, Sabita and Sarita) this routine. I asked them to dance on the roof of the house in front of a small audience. They were a little nervous, but a lovely performance you will see.

And then, the younger girls--Pratima, Mamata and Kiran--followed with their own...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Roll Call!

We picked up a new video camera this summer and thought it would be nice to put some voice to the Sam's House gang. Most of this goes well, but there a little stage fright.

And now for the introductions...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Resham Firiri

Our tutor, Shiva, is also a talented guitar player, having taught himself during high school and college. When studies are finished, or to give the children a break, he pulls out a house guitar and leads the group through some Nepali folk songs.

Here are a few children singing Resham Firiri, one of the most popular. It's hard to meet anyone in Nepal who can't sing this song. The lyrics are below the video if you'd like to give it a try yourself.

Resham firiri, resham firiri
Udeyara jounkee dandaa ma bhanjyang
Resham firiri

Ek nale bunduk, dui nale bunduk, mirga lai take ko
Mirga lai mailey take ko hoeina maya lai daukey ko

Resham firiri, resham firiri
Udeyara jounkee dandaa ma bhanjyang
Resham firiri

KukuroLai Kuti Kuti Biralolai Suri
Timro Ra Hamro Mayapirti Dobatoma Kuri

Resham firiri, resham firiri
Udeyara jounkee dandaa ma bhanjyang
Resham firiri

Aakash ma Motor, sadak ma motor na bhaye gada cha
Yo mana jasto tiyo mana bhaye tagati gada cha

Resham firiri, resham firiri
Udeyara jounkee dandaa ma bhanjyang
Resham firiri

Saano ma sano gaiko bachho bhirai ma, Ram, Ram
Chodreh jauna sakena mailey, baru maya songhai jaum

Resham firiri, resham firiri
Udeyara jounkee dandaa ma bhanjyang
Resham firiri

Kodo charyo, makai charyo, dhan chareko chaina
Pachi, pachina au kanchi manpareko chaina.

Resham firiri, resham firiri
Udeyara jounkee dandaa ma bhanjyang
Resham firiri

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pox Update and Photos

I'm very pleased to say the chicken pox outbreak appears to have crested and is rapidly descending. Just six children were home from school today, but all were smiling and awake so it seems safe to say they're feeling better.

I have a little more time and better connection this afternoon, so here are some photos from the house. Many more to follow...

Pratima and Maya after school.

Chija. The most polite little girl... the other day she was talking to Jen and another child interrupted and she said, "Excuse me, but I was talking to Aunty."

This is Bibek, one of the newer children and also tracked down by the chicken pox. The didis have had a hard time keeping him in the sick room.

Sandeep before school. Missing his tie today because it was too dirty to wear. Sandeep, while a good student, apparently is forgetful, frequently losing things. This morning I saw Sarita putting Sandeep's pencils into his crayon box for school and saying, "Now you'll be able to find your pencils."

Rina and the twins head to the bus stop.

The littlest ones gather round the homework table.


Ritika getting a dose of calamine lotion. She definitely had the worst case.

Saran hanging clothes on the line and Ganga helping out, sort of.

Me and the prime minister. Still rascally, but definitely growing. One day he brings me my shoes to play soccer. The next day I see him trying to catch water drops in his mouth that are falling from a second story drain pipe.

Sarita, who skipped a grade from class 2 to class 4. Whiz kid!

Jen and the didis on photo day. Five women but one mommy. They keep the house running like you wouldn't believe.

The Three Musketeers... Amrit, Babit and Dhiraj. They got these soccer kits a couple years ago and they looked like house dresses. They're filled out pretty nicely now.

Chija helps Dipa button up after showers.

Dipika and Pratima would like you to support Sam's House.

Like bears in hibernation... just fueling up for another round of non-stop frivolity.

Dipika ready for school. She's rocking the long sleeve shirt under a halter dress. She is one of the most user-friendly children you'll ever meet, likely a result of being constantly passed around by her brothers and sisters.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Pox on the House!

No, not that serious, but it is nostalgia-inspiring (and a little heartbreaking) to observe that Sam's House is undergoing a chicken pox outbreak. It started about 10 days ago with Chija and has slowly spread to 12-14 children, some of whom are better now and others who have recently contracted the virus.

The didis--minus Pramila who got it--quickly responded creating a sick room in the little boys bedroom (first floor) and then reorganized the second floor bedrooms to accommodate the unafflicted boys. Because of the number of sick people quarantined, some of the healthy children have had to bunk up with their siblings. The other night Sarita, Manju and Pratima shared one twin bed while Maya, Dipa and Kiran shared another. The power was out so there was no fan and the room must've been 90 degrees. And Pratima slept in jeans! Like a rock, hardly bothered. Hahaha.

The hardest part has been walking by the sick room. The children are covered in Calamine lotion and looking miserable and bored while their siblings run around outside. We set up a computer in their room to show movies but that only holds attention for so long, especially for the younger ones like Bibek and Rina.

On a positive note, the newest children seem like they've been living at the house for years. Their siblings have made them feel at home immediately. Dipika (Dipa's biological sister) is the new baby and accordingly pulled to and fro by Ganga, Jamuna, Sandeep and several others. She has the most pleasant disposition (unless the pulling becomes too energetic) and walks around like she owns the place. Not quite the same attitude as Rina years ago, but the same confidence.

Rina, speaking of which, is still Rina. (pictures to follow... too slow to upload right now)

Ganga and Jamuna, who arrived last year and were extremely quiet, now talk constantly and run around with ceaseless energy. Hilarious to watch.

The children have midterm exams this week so they're be very busy in the afternoons studying for the tests with Shiva, the new house tutor. He is an exceptional teacher, as evidenced by the children's high marks. He's also a talented guitar player (video to come) and leads the crew in sing alongs which is a lot of fun.

So that's the report for now... have to run. Thank you so much for your support. I'm proud to say that your donations are well cared for and the children are most grateful.