Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wrapping up the School Year

The Sam's House gang wrapped up another successful term at Gorkha English Boarding School.

The Nepali school year finishes in April with final exams, then a two week break and return to school starting in new grades.

Once again, our children did fantastically well on their exams, many of them placing in the top three of their classes.

Sandeep--2nd in Nursery class.
Rina--1st in lower kindergarten (remember when we worried how Rina would do in school?)
Pratima and Sharan tied for first in upper kindergarten.
Sarita was first in class 2 (I think Sarita has placed out of the top three only one term in the last three years).
Sabita was 3rd in class 3.
Maya placed first in class 4.

Because of Sarita's high marks, she will skip a grade to class 4 this year, where she will join Sabita and Dhiraj.

Mina will skip a grade to class 6. If you recall, just three years ago, Mina (now age 11) stood head and shoulders above her classmates in upper kindergarten. Now, thanks to regular schooling, she is joining her age group. Amazing... six grades in three years!

Much of this progress, for all the children, is due to the tutoring they receive from Shiva and Ramila every day before and after school.

And much of this progress is also thanks to you, dear supporter, who provides Sam's House with the means to offer this education to the children.

I'm often astounded at how well the children perform in school, but I shouldn't be. Every morning and afternoon, they gather around the study tables and work diligently on their homework under the watchful eyes of their tutors. In some ways I think they are getting a superior education than most of the children in Nepal.

I tell many people about Sarita (sometimes more than once). Before Sam's House she was attending school only a couple days a week, spending the other days performing labor with her mother and sister. In spite of Sarita's irregular attendance, the schoolmaster in her village noted she was especially bright and he asked one of our Nepali trustees--Pradip Regmi--to recommend her to Sam's House. Sarita was the third child admitted to the house. Since then she has been a top student every term. Perhaps it's too early what kind of post-secondary education her ability warrants, but it's exciting to think about.

You, our dear supporter, in conjunction with Dinesh and our incredible house mothers and shrewd trustees, have given Sarita (and all the children at Sam's House) opportunities that, just a few months ago, seemed as likely or probable as winning the lottery.

In Nepal, Sam's House is called Kopila Children's Home. "Kopila" in Nepali means "flowering bud" and is often used as a term of endearment for children.

How appropriate, I think, when we hear about the children's progress in school. They were all flowers needing the right soil and the right kind of attention. Now they're all growing and strong and bright!

When you get a quiet moment to yourself in the near future (I hope) please know that you have made a real difference in the life of a child.

I might add here that the children at Sam's House are aware of you and know that the house relies on your support for its success. And they are grateful.

Last summer, I was talking to some of the girls before bed. Mina (it's always Mina--the leader of the band) asked if I cried when I was in the United States thinking about them. And I said "no," rather I was happy to know they were doing so well. Mina replied that she cried when she thought of us in the United States because of all the work we do on their behalf.

I know this sounds like a trumped up, fundraising-tailored story, but it is the God's honest truth.


Sheila said...

Tell Mina some of us cried just reading that--happy tears.

Congratulations to the gang for working so hard and doing well again this school year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the news of the kids. I am glad to hear they are doing so well in school. Kathie