Monday, April 19, 2010

Sam's House--Annual Picnic

Sam's House held a picnic last week to celebrate its third birthday. As you know, though we refer to Sam's House as one entity, it is, in reality, a partnership between our American non-profit and one in Nepal.

Dinesh has his own board of trustees who help him with setting policy and reviewing the house's work. They are a tremendous source of support to him.

From Dinesh:


The SH annual picnic held on last Saturday in a Botanical garden in Pokhara. The children had a nice time with fun and food. The children also presented some dance items that they had been practising.

The trustees were also invited to the picnic. They stayed with the children all day. In the past, we used to have catering service, but this time we cooked all the food. Major Pun cooked chicken, Rekha cooked curry and Shiva cooked pulau. It was a fantastic day.

This is Shiva. He is the new house tutor since Laxmi went to England. The children have taken to him very well.

This is Major Pun, one of the trustees. Since retiring from the Gurkhas, he dedicates his retirement time to charitable endeavors.

The Nepali board.

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