Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Yard Sale--Better Than Ever!

It seems every year, usually during the cold winter months, Jen and I debate whether or not to have the spring yard sale. I'm not sure why we even think twice about it because a) we seem to do a minimal amount of work thanks to all the people who donate items and labor to the sale, and b) every year it is more and more successful and provides Sam's House with incredible support.

The 2010 edition of the Sam's House yard sale raised $4,283 this year. That's salary for four house mothers, or nearly a year of food, or nearly two years of school fees... in other words, from the children to you, thank you for making their lives better and providing them with the opportunity to grow and learn and love, just as every child deserves

Once again we have so many people to thank...

Bert and Janet Ahern
Karen Arnold
Jayne Blodgett
Dick and Judy Bluth
Brenda and Peter Boever
Ray and Robi Bowman
Sarah and Eric Buchanan
Laura and Steve Burks
Kirsten Chelberg
Cheryl Contant and Karen Mumford
Jim and Adele Cotter
Mike and Jen Cihak (Cihak Tent Rentals*)
Julia Dabbs
Rebecca Dean and Joe Beaver
Michael and Pilar Eble
Pieranna Garavaso and Lory Lemke
Becca Gercken
Margaret Giles
Jenn and Troy Goodnough
Paul and Sandy Grove
Tim and Kristin Grove
Pam Guilford
Terri Hawkinson
Skip Hesse and family
Sandra Hohrman
Andrew Israels and Dave Swenson
Jo and Levi Johnson
Chrissy Kolaya and Brook Miller
Tom Larson
Pareena and Todd Lawrence
Johanna and Jason Majerus
Argie and Lisa Manolis
Cheryl Matthews
Carol and Roger McCannon
Leslie Meek
Rose Murphy
Anne and Steve Noonan
Sara and Quinn O'Reilly
Julie Pelletier
Carol and Larry Perkins
Jake Perkins and Kelsey Simanski
Pam and Brad Perkins
Michael Peterson
Stephanie Reddington
Ruth and Irwin Rothchild
Gwen and Steve Rudney
Jeanne Sammelson and Peter Lund
Owen and Jan Sammelson
Lynn Tibbets
Ray Schultz and Roger Wareham
Sharon Severance
Dennis and Cheryl Stewart
Peter and Timna Wyckoff

The sale was set up and ready to go by 7 a.m.

First shoppers arrived at 7:45 a.m.

The shop on the porch. Once again those Sammelson girls--Carol, Ruth and Jo--did the work of a hundred people.

The cashier table was delightfully busy most of the day.

Irwin Rothchild making his yard sale debut.

Brook Miller testing out some of the toys. Those are for him, er, his sons, I mean.

The 2010 sales team.

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