Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Exam Results!

The Sam's House gang continues to perform very well in school, thanks in part to the excellent tutoring of Laxmi Miss and now Shiva Sir, and of course you at home.

For the past term nearly every child attending Gorkha English Boarding School achieved distinction or higher, and four earned first position in their class.

Earning first position were Maya (grade 4), Sarita (grade 2), Kiran (UKG), and Sandeep! (Nursery).

Also placing in the top 5 were Mina (grade 4), Sabita (grade 3), Amrit (grade 3), Saran (UKG), Pratima (UKG), and Rina (LKG).

Needless to say we're so proud of all the children and continued to be amazed and heartened by their school work.

So much thanks to you, dear supporter, who makes this possible.