Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ritika, Dipa and Bibek!

Three more children have been admitted to Sam's House. Dinesh sent photos and stories yesterday (with some interesting comments about house dynamics)...

"We have finally admitted three new children in the SH. The children are very excited to have them in the hosue. It was interesting to see that some younger children Sandeep, Ganga and Jamuna looked a bit disappointed. Rina had acted the same when Sandeep first came.

Ritika is from Rivan V.D.C. Kaski district. She was abandoned by her both parents so she was living with her old grandmother. She had been going to the school in the village, but it looks as if she wasn't learning anything as there was noone to guide her at home. She arrived in SH five days ago. She is getting along with other children very well. She has now started learning alphabets and numbers. We are hoping that she will get admission in upper kindergarten.

Dipa is 4 years old (she was with her 18 months old sister in the previous photo from our field visit) from Tilahar V.D.C., Parbat district. She was abandoned by her father and her mother lives with her grandfather in the village. She hasn't started school yet. She is nice and shy girl. We were surprised to learn that she is somehow related to Mina, Sharan and Rina. Mina immediately recognized her when she arrived. So, Dipa feels comfortable in her new house. She arrived today.

Bibek was found on the street of Pokhara by the police about two weeks ago. He was then handed over to the CWIN, Pokhara (www.cwin.org.np). Then, the CWIN published public notices on newspapers and local radios about him, but no one came to claim him so we brought him to the SH today. He is very sweet and smart boy. He is about 4 years old. He looked very happy and got along with everyone from the first day.

We are planning to admit two more children within six months. One is Dipika, Dipa's sister who is now only 18 months old. We will bring her when she becomes two years old. Another is Sarita's sister who is living in somebody's house (as a working children) in the village. We are planning to visit her in January and possibly bring her at the same time."

So that's the latest update. Thank you to all our supporters who make this possible!

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jmf said...

Welcome to the family... all the more to love (and visit). xoox