Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tihar 2009

The holiday season in Nepal has wound down with the close of October and the celebration of Tihar, which is an annual five day series of worship with the final day, Bhai Tika, dedicated to honoring the relationship between brothers and sisters.

The previous days are celebrated in various ways, including deusi and bhailo, which is similar to caroling... On one day the girls sing bhailo and on the other the boys sing deusi. Traditionally, at the end of the song, the woman of the house will serve food or hand out money. The children then offer their blessing to the house.

Prema and Asuna preparing puja.

The boys after puja.

Mamata waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Maya giving tika to Amrit.

Mamata and Sarita

Saran receiving tika.

Amrit after blessing.

Sandeep after being worshipped by his sisters.

Prema giving tika to Phil, a current volunteer.

Girls singing bhailo.


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