Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Summer School Results

Dinesh has shared the children's marks from the summer term of school. They were preparing for exams just before I left in late June. As usual, and all credit to the children and Miss Laxmi and to you, they did very well again.

Rina took second position in lower kindergarten.

Saran and Kiran were first and second in upper kindergarten. I believe that was Saran's third term in a row in first position.

Sarita was first in class 2--her third time in first position. Hard to imagine that before Sam's House, Sarita, like many of our other children, was barely going to school at all.

Mina, Maya, Babit and Dhiraj got first division in their marks (80% or better), the rest of the children earned "distinction" (between 75-79%).

You continue to make great things happen and possible for these children. Thank you, thank you, thank you...



Gordon and KC said...

Was there ever a doubt that Rina would be in the top of her class!! Way to go kids

Jen and Chris said...

Yes, Rina's come a long way since the day in nursery school when she hid in a classroom and held up the departing buses for an hour!