Friday, June 12, 2009

Sports Day

Friday afternoons at SH have become sports day. School lets out early on Fridays and Ranjit, our landlord and tennis pro with 15 years athletics coaching experience at the local college, does tennis and basketball drills with the gang.

Today's exercises were regretfully rain-shortened, but fun all the same. Ranjit is such a natural. It's a funny thing how coaching behavior transcends cultures. From the use of the whistle, the positive exhortations, and the clipped directives. The kids love it and it's fun to watch.

A quick few laps around the yard to get the blood flowing.

Arm stretches. Please note Rina wearing her athletic attire.

Some calisthenics led by Mina and Maya.

Throw the ball, clap three times and catch. A very popular exercise.

Ranjit throws grounders right and left in succession. The kiddos have to field them and roll them back. Here's Dhiraj.

Santosh's attempt elicits a good laugh.

It's kind of a bummer when you're too little to participate in Sports Day.


Sandeep has a little trouble with that top button.

The prime minister slips into his Keds.

Me and Sarita. Photo by Mina.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris & Jen! Too long since I last lurked your blog. The kids look amazing. Hopefully I can see SH one summer. Peace! - napes