Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photo Day with the Didis (and More)

One of our donors asked that we use their gift to do something for the didis, so I took them shopping for new clothes in Mahendrapul. This was very exciting as I think it's probably a good bet no one has taken any of them shopping before, which is a shame because they definitely deserve some pampering.

Ramila and Prema opted for saris. Asuna, Tara, and Pramila chose kurtas. And they all picked up a new pair of shoes to go with the new outfit.

A couple days later Asuna asked, on behalf of the other didis and after an enormous amount of embarrassed tittering, if we could have a photo day when their new clothes came back from the tailor. How could I say no? Here are the photos... many of these I printed out for them to hang in the didis room.

Tara didi, our longest serving didi.

Prema, who asked to be photographed with two of her three daughters. That's Sangita on the left, and Sunita on the right.

A short tribute to Prema didi... she scares me to death and I mean in that old-fashioned good way, like a strict school teacher that you appreciate years later. The kids love her but they also mess with her the least. Sometimes when she lectures one of the children who's being naughty, I have to hide my face because it's so so funny. She takes no guff, works like mad, and plays the heavy with no problem. When I try to sneak out of the dining room to wash my own dishes, Prema gets on me immediately, "Chris Sir! Chris Sir! Yahaa rakhnous! (put the dishes here)" I throw them down like they're hot. Future volunteers be warned! =)

Asuna, all four-feet, six inches of her.

Ramila, the new house warden. She now manages all the day to day doings in the house.

Pramila, our newest didi.

Me and the didis, photo by Mina.

Sometimes people ask if Rina's changed at all. As this photos indicates, I think, the answer is "not much."

Got a nose full? No problem.

Manju and Ganga

"People, I'm serious. Just once I would like to potty train in private. Anyone got last week's New Yorker?"

Saran and Santosh


csb said...

Dear Chris, Please tell the didis that I think they look like movie stars. Love, M

Gordon and KC said...

I am still trying to master that nose cleaning technique. I practice daily but I just cannot get it right