Sunday, June 14, 2009


Last Saturday, we went to see a movie called "Iku." It's based on a television character from a children's show. The premise is that Iku is a jungle resident who frequently gets caught up in event with Nepalis from the civilized world. Hijinks ensue.

We got to the movie theater a half-hour early and the balcony was already full. So we had to sit the SH gang in four different sections. I ended up sitting with Ramila, Mina, Maya, Santosh, Dhiraj, Jamuna (who slept), Bishal, and Rina (standing between my legs). Sandeep, sitting with Prema, I heard slept through the entire movie. You don't pay for little ones tickets if they're in your lap. The kids loved it, needless to say.

Since everyone was dressed up and washed up for the movie, I took some photos.

Interesting post-script... there's a young woman Iku saves in the jungle from a band of men (sort of an adult-themed altercation, I digress) and she takes him back to KTM in appreciation. This is where we learn that Iku cannot live in the city. Quite tragic.

Anyhow, I see this woman's real life photo on one of my Nepali friends Facebook pages. So I write her and say how much the kiddies enjoy the movie, et cetera, and include a link to our website. She wrote back and says she might be able to come for a visit. The kids will blow a gasket if that happens. It would be fun.


Sandeep, the little big man.

Saran. He can't keep from exploring that new gap in his teeth. =)




Maya, Ramila and Mina

I don't know if there's anything I like photographing more than Pratima laughing.

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