Friday, June 19, 2009

Future Tennis Stars

I recently wrote about Sports Day and I wanted to add a few things here about Ranjit and Ama, our landlords, but so much more than that.

They live on the third floor of our building. Their children live outside Nepal, and for a time they were raising their grandchildren whose parents are working in the UK. Last fall, Sumenta and Rion, their grandchildren left Nepal to live with their parents, and I think it was really hard for Ranjit and Ama who enjoyed having their energy around the place.

Since then, they've doubled their involvement with the SH gang--though, if you've followed this blog, you know they've always been very kind and generous with the children. At about 4:30p each day, they come down the yard for "duty." They sit in plastic chairs and lend an extra set of eyes to the 20+ scurrying bodies on the playground.

Sadly, Ranjit and Ama will be leaving us soon. Possibly as soon as this fall, they'll be going to the UK to live with their children. As ex-Gurkha, Ranjit is eligible for a long-term visa there. We are going to miss them terribly.

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