Thursday, June 11, 2009

Early Photos

I'm in Pokhara and only have time for a few pics here. Needless to say, everything is great.

This is Gopal, the new art teacher. He comes once a week and does sketching with the children. They all have their own binders in which they keep all their drawings.

The new Scholar of College, class of 2027.

Jamuna, left; Ganga, right. I'm starting to be able to tell them apart. The kids have no problem. Here they are in their school duds. I love the safety-pinned hanky on the front.

They definitely have unique personalities. Jamuna is a more social and laughy, while Ganga keeps to herself and usually plays with just one or two people. And their older sibs love to carry them around.

The new basketball hoop. I do my best Marvin Webster impersonation here.

Laxmi and the older children after school.

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Brittany said...

2) The twins are ADORABLE. So jealous that you get to meet them!
3) Thank you for including a Marvin Webster link, so I have some idea of who on earth you are talking about.
4) Did I mention I am jealous?
5) Have fun! Tell everyone I miss them!!!