Monday, June 22, 2009

The Day Begins

I love the morning rush of action at Sam's House. It amazing how much activity fits into three hours, from 6:15 to 9:15. There's morning tea, homework, morning dal bhaat, washing up, getting dressed for school, and many ministrations to hair, skin and clothes. Everyone pitches in. This morning the eldest boy triumverate (Babit, Dhiraj and Amrit) were especially helpful, combing hair, tying shoes, and fixing ties.

Just because you're in nursery school doesn't mean you don't sometimes need help with your shoes.

One of our star students, Sarita. While the other children were watching television last night, she was studying for her social science exam.

Pratima and Ramila.

As the outfit says, SH has its first diva. Jamuna really looks the part, hoina?

Ganga and Jamuna hot-footing it to play group with Pramila. Love their clothes. Jamnua has learned to respond "Hajur" (yes) when you say her name. Ganga is still working on this.

The short walk to the bus stop. Just at the end of the alley. Big girls leading the way.

Laxmi, her nine-month old daugher Lillian, and husband Dil. They came over for family photo.


Sheila said...

Everyone looks great, as always. I enjoying catching up w/everyone's stories. Also hoping that there won't be any "real world" drama soon in the house w/the flirting boys and girls.

Ama Foundation said...

Every picture that has been clicked was really beautiful. Really cute ones. Thanks for sharing it.