Monday, April 20, 2009

First Day of the 2066 School Year

Nepal celebrates its New Year in April. This holiday is also used to separate the school years. After a short holiday, the Sam's House gang started back to school today and all 22 are off. Will be very quiet around the house during the day.

All shined up and ready to go. Sandeep is starting nursery school at Gorkha English Boarding School. I don't know if he realizes that the didis can't go with him. (That's our new house manager, Ramila, off to the right.)

Ganga and Jamuna dressed up for some pre-nursery school socializing.

A little over two years ago, none of these children was going to school, at least not regularly. But thanks to your generosity, they now can have an excellent education and the opportunity to learn.

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