Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exam Results (spring 2009)

The latest exam results for Gorkha English Boarding School have come in, and Dinesh reports that the Sam's House gang has performed excellently once again. It really is amazing how well the children have done in school since coming to Sam's House--and being able to attend with regularity.

In lower kindergarten, Saran, Kiran and Pratima ranked 1,2,3, respectively.

Binita placed 3rd in upper kindergarten,

Amrit and Sarita placed 1st and 3rd, respectively, in class one. They are becoming regular standouts in their grade.

Mina (who has grown so much she's nearly unrecognizable) placed second in class two. Because of her fine performance, she will skip class three and join Maya and Babit in class four.

Amrit, similarly, will skip class two and attend class three next term with Sabita and Dhiraj.

Dinesh reports that everyone did very well on exams, thanks in large part to our tutor, Laxmi. And to you, whose support makes Sam's House possible.

In other school news,Ganga and Jamuna have begun pre-school at a nearby location. One of the didis walks them every morning and they love it so far.

Starting next term, Sandeep will begin nursery school with the gang at GEBS.

On report card day, everyone gets an award. Pictures below.





Sarita receiving a prize.

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