Sunday, April 26, 2009

Morris Yard Sale Dodges the Rain and Sets a Record

We feared it would be a weatherly repeat of last year's sale with sleet and possibly snow. But the yard sale-ing gods pushed the bad weather south of Morris and we had a beautiful day.

Thanks to wonderful publicity from the Morris Sun Tribune, we set a new record, raising $2,483 in sales and donations. There are so many ways to break this money down into the services it will provide to the children, but I like to think of it as two mommies to the children for an entire year.

As usual, Sam's House owes a large debt of gratitude to many, many people who contributed to the sale's success through time, money, donations, word-of-mouth, and, most importantly, labor, lots of labor.

Here's a big kiss from Sandeep for all of you...

Dick and Judy Bluth
Therese Buchmiller and Lori Koshork
Laura and Steve Burks
Jim and Adele Cotter
Rebecca Dean and Joe Beaver
Mike and Jen Cihak (Cihak Tent Rentals*)
Pieranna Garavaso and Lory Lemke
Becca Gercken
Jenn and Troy Goodnough
Paul and Sandy Grove
Tim and Kristin Grove
Terri Hawkinson
Skip Hesse
Angela Hodgson and Matt Rutten
Jo Johnson
Chrissy Kolaya and Brook Miller
Pareena and Todd Lawrence
Johanna and Jason Majerus
Argie and Lisa Manolis
Anne and Steve Noonan
Sara and Quinn O'Reilly
Carol and Larry Perkins
Pam and Brad Perkins
Heather Peters and Kevin Stefanek
Michael Peterson
Ruth and Irwin Rothchild
Gwen and Steve Rudney
Jeanne Sammelson and Peter Lund
Sharon Severance
Dennis and Cheryl Stewart
Clare Strand
James Wojtaszek
Peter and Timna Wyckoff

The porch store was busy all day.

Jo Johnson's beanie baby collection lives on, but may only have a few years left.

Just to be safe, we put up a tent, thanks to Mike Cihak. Fortunately we didn't need it, but it was still nice to have.

Dennis Stewart (tent entrance, in green coat) enjoys a muffaletta sandwich.

Taking the Batcar for test drive.

The Wyckoff girls making their fourth sale in a row.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

4th Annual Sam's House Yard Sale

Come one, come all to the 4th annual Sam's House yard sale.

1007 Idaho Avenue

9 am - 5 pm

All proceeds to benefit Sam's House.

We had a nice advance write-up of the event in the Morris Sun-Tribune.

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Day of the 2066 School Year

Nepal celebrates its New Year in April. This holiday is also used to separate the school years. After a short holiday, the Sam's House gang started back to school today and all 22 are off. Will be very quiet around the house during the day.

All shined up and ready to go. Sandeep is starting nursery school at Gorkha English Boarding School. I don't know if he realizes that the didis can't go with him. (That's our new house manager, Ramila, off to the right.)

Ganga and Jamuna dressed up for some pre-nursery school socializing.

A little over two years ago, none of these children was going to school, at least not regularly. But thanks to your generosity, they now can have an excellent education and the opportunity to learn.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exam Results (spring 2009)

The latest exam results for Gorkha English Boarding School have come in, and Dinesh reports that the Sam's House gang has performed excellently once again. It really is amazing how well the children have done in school since coming to Sam's House--and being able to attend with regularity.

In lower kindergarten, Saran, Kiran and Pratima ranked 1,2,3, respectively.

Binita placed 3rd in upper kindergarten,

Amrit and Sarita placed 1st and 3rd, respectively, in class one. They are becoming regular standouts in their grade.

Mina (who has grown so much she's nearly unrecognizable) placed second in class two. Because of her fine performance, she will skip class three and join Maya and Babit in class four.

Amrit, similarly, will skip class two and attend class three next term with Sabita and Dhiraj.

Dinesh reports that everyone did very well on exams, thanks in large part to our tutor, Laxmi. And to you, whose support makes Sam's House possible.

In other school news,Ganga and Jamuna have begun pre-school at a nearby location. One of the didis walks them every morning and they love it so far.

Starting next term, Sandeep will begin nursery school with the gang at GEBS.

On report card day, everyone gets an award. Pictures below.





Sarita receiving a prize.