Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kopila Board Meeting

We routinely refer to Sam's House as single organization for simplicity's sake. But in reality we are a partnership with Kopila Children's Home, which is our formal name in Pokhara. Kopila has its own board to set policy and make decisions about the house and its operations.

This week they held their annual meeting, convened by Ekdev Devkota, the board chair.

The Kopila board added two new members for the coming year:

Rachana Buddhacharya is a former Montessori teacher. She has been helping Sam's House by collecting and supplying used clothes for children.

Dinesh Shrestha is a retired banker and former football player. He has been involved in many other social organizations, and is a also a member of Pokhara sports council.

To see the other board members, click here and scroll down.

In other news, Ekdev was re-elected board chair for another two-year term.

The board meeting convenes at a local restaurant.

Ekdev Devkota, the board chair, presents a certificate of appreciation to Ranjit Gurung, our landlord and outgoing board member.

Ranjit and his wife (who everyone called "Ama": mother) are moving to the UK to live with their son and grandchildren. Ranjit and Ama went above and beyond the duties of landlord, treating the children as their own. Ranjit gave tennis lessons to the children on weekends and Ama was a regular source of help to the didis. We couldn't have asked for nicer people with whom to make our home.

Everyone at Sam's House extends heartfelt thanks to Ranjit and Ama for their work and devotion to the children, and we wish them the best of luck in their travels. Dhanyabaad! Raamro sanga jannous!