Monday, December 15, 2008

Dhanyabaad! Fundraisers in 2008

The Sam's House family stretches not only from Nepal to here, but all across the U-S of A. We are so grateful to the many people who take the time and effort to spread the word about Sam's House and raise a little money in doing so. In 2008, we were most fortunate to have the following groups/people/teams/organizations working on behalf of the children.

November 2008

- Kristine Segrist ran the NYC marathon, collecting pledges for Sam's House.

May-August 2008

- Liz Deegan and her Brownie troop hold a fundraiser in University Heights, OH.

- Pedaling Parsons of Canton, OH ride from Washington DC to Pennsylvania.

- Taylor Lundin holds a fundraiser with her friends from vacation Bible school at Grace United Methodist church in Canton, OH.

- In Morris, MN, the Pioneer Prairie Days' 5k, organized by Jen Lund, donates proceeds to Sam's House.

- The second annual picnic/pool party fundraiser in Bay Village, OH, draws big another big crowd and raises $12,000.

- Christopher and Kate Meleski hold a front yard lemonade stand in Ridgewood, NJ, for Sam's House.

- Proceeds from the Sammelson family garage sale in Red Wing, MN, support Sam's House.

April 2008

- The third annual Morris yard sale brings in money despite snow the day before.

- The nursery school at Rocky River United Methodist church holds a lemonade stand for Sam's House.

January 2008

Allison Coho and the students at Deer Run Elementary in Dublin, OH, collect over 100 bottles of vitamins for Sam's House. Sam's House is so well-stocked, they share the surplus with other children's homes in Pokhara!

Thank you, thank you, thank you... just as Sandeep lays a wet one on sister Jamuna, here's a big kiss for all of you...

Manju Update

In November, John P. Butler passed away. A huge supporter of our efforts, "Big," as we called him in the Butler family, wore his Sam's House t-shirt often and with pride. Everyone at Sam's House greatly appreciates the many donations given in his memory.


As you may recall, Manju had surgery a couple months ago to correct a cross-eye. Before the surgery, she was extremely shy to have her photo taken. Now she's an eager subject...

New Trustees--Gordon Friedrich and KC Cortinovis

Sam's House is very pleased to announce the addition of two new trustees to its American board.

Gordon Friedrich and KC Cortinovis come to us via the volunteer route. They quit their jobs in Boston (!) and spent four months at Sam's House in early 2008, working at the house and teaching at Gorkha English Boarding School. Spend two minutes at Sam's House and you will hear a Gordon and KC story. They are greatly missed by the children and didis.

Their enthusiasm and concern for the children are infectious and they bring some excellent energy to the board.

Today, Gordon and KC have relocated to St. Louis (KC's hometown) where Gordon works for Bank of America and KC recently landed a job with Washington University. We are most pleased to have them aboard.

Pritam and Prayan's Birthday

A few weeks ago, Pritam Buddhacharaya and his son, Prayan, decided to celebrate their birthdays with the Sam's House gang. (Pritam serves on the Nepali board of Sam's House. His wife frequently comes to the house to give free haircuts to the children.)

Pritam and his family are very dedicated to helping Sam's House. They regularly come to Sam's House on Buddha's birthday each spring and present gifts to all the children. The children also appear on a kids' show that airs on a radio station Pritam owns.

Here are a few photos from the day, courtesy of Dinesh.

Pritam's family with birthday cards from the Sam's House gang.

Babit giving a birthday card to Prayan.

Prayan handed out candy to the children.

Children enjoying dal bhat after presents (note Rina's head scarf, lower right).