Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deshain 2008

This week the important holiday of Deshain is finishing up. For the high days of Deshain, Dinesh tries to make arrangements to have the children celebrate with extended family and/or neighbors if possible. Not only is it fun day for the children, but it also helps them maintain some connections that could help their reintegration when they get older.

Unfortunately, some of the children don't have this option but they go home with Dinesh and celebrate with Rekha, Ritesh and Diksha.


Rekha gives tika to Kiran.

Ganga receives gift from Dinesh.

Sarita and Ganga.

Sarita, Tara, Kiran and the Twins.

(Sarita is wearing her new kurta surwaal. All the girls request this as their Deshain gift. Very spiffy.)

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