Friday, September 05, 2008

Sam Rothchild's Birthday

The children celebrated our namesake's birthday this week with a party, cake, and of course, much dancing.

Special to this year's celebration was that Jennifer, Sam's grand daughter, could be in attendance. She passed out candy to all the children.

Among the girls, Maya promptly collected it all from her younger sisters and put it in her box from which she doles out a piece every day. Such a responsible big sister she is. The boys, however, plowed through their stash in a single day. When asked about this, Bishal rubbed his tummy and responded, "dherai bhoklaagyo" (very hungry).

A few pics from the celebration...

Jen cuts the cake with Sandeep, the best cake-cutting assistant in the business. Bar none.

Mina and Maya kick things off.

Sabita, Saran, Kiran, and Suroj take a turn.

Rina, Bishal and Santosh cut a rug. Everyone else sings and claps along. In the lower left, you can see Saran picking up one of the twins. They are doing very well.

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