Monday, August 04, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons...

The nursery school at Rocky River United Methodist raised over $300 for Sam's House selling lemonade. I'm not sure what they charged per glass but that's a pretty profitable operation.

Teachers Jeanette Lihani, Jane Murphy and Nancy Kleinert organized the lemonade stand and used the event to teach the children about Nepal and why children need help and homes. In addition to the lemonade, the children made Buddhist prayer flags and flags of Nepal.

That $300 will provide food to Sam's House for one month... 22 children eating for one entire month. That's pretty impressive.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Ganga and Jamuna (22!)

Everyone at Sam's House would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Mary Dolores Barsh, who passed away this week, and express our most sincere gratitude for the gifts made in her memory. Dhanyabaad! (Thank you!)

The future lives of Ganga and Jamuna (below) are just two of the many your generosity will touch.


We have a limit of 20 children at Sam's House, prescribed by Dinesh, but recently he came across a case where he felt he needed to intervene on behalf of the children's health. From his e-mail...

"Here is more about the twins; Their names are Ganga and Jamuna (typical and common names for twin girls in Nepal and also in India) They are two years old. They were abandoned by their father before they were born and later by their mother when they were a year old. Their mother is said to be working in one of the Gulf countries, but nobody exactly knows where she is. So the girls had been looked after by their (maternal) grandmother, who is old and physically weak. She has to work daily to buy food. She digs sand from the river, carries it to the market and sells it for less than a dollar. She has nothing in her house except one or two cooking pots and a broken bed without a mattress. The grandmother sleeps on that bed with the girls.

Last week, I went to visit them. The grandmother wasn't there. Both girls were crying terribly. We assumed that they were hungry. A lady showed up from the neighbourhood. She came into the house and tried to heat the milk, but there was nothing to burn. They didn't have a stove. They had a fireplace at the corner of the house, but there was no firewood. So, the lady went to the nearest store, got a thrown paper box. She tore the box into small pieces and burned to heat the milk.

As you know that I had been supporting them by providing 15 kgs rice, 2 kgs lentils and milk every month for the children for the last 6 months. That was the only food to feed the whole family.

On Saturday, I heard that the twins and the grandmother were sick. So, I went to visit them. When I got there, the grandmother wasn't there. One girl was laying on the bed, had fever, she was crying and her nose was bleeding. Other one was standing at the door. She was also crying. She also had some fever. About 20 minutes later, the grandmother showed up. She had gone to collect some firewood. Then, I sent them to the hospital with Asuna. They were both examined by Dr. Malla. Fortunately, there was nothing serious. They just had viral fever. Then, we decided to take them into Sam's House. They are now getting better. Now, they are secured, loved and well taken care by our didis.

As it was a sudden decision to take them in. I now have to visit the local government offices and get necessary documents on their behalf...

So Sam's House now stands at 22 children. We have one extra bed that the twins will share. After acclimating by spending a few nights with the didis, they will room with Rina, Mamata, Pratima, and Kiran. I'm certain the older girls will be delighted to have younger sisters to look after.

Speaking of rooms, we are considering the possibility of buying our current house. We rent two floors of the three story building, as you may know, but buying the house will open up the third floor and enable us to admit up to 15 more children.

The house where Ganga and Jamuna lived with their grandmother.

Playing with Sandeep and Tara.

Taking a nap

Eating lunch with Prema.