Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catching Up

Lots to say and revisit but I want to prioritize getting pictures on the blog, since, let's face it, that's so much more interesting.


Pratima, Mamata and Kiran. This is a common occurrence. Of what exactly, I am unsure.

Babit showing off his poster book report. He sat upstairs in the study room, alone working, while his siblings played in the yard. Well done, Babit.

Amrit, the Keeper--absolutely fearsome in goal, as you can see.

Whilst playing Travel Scrabble, I was treated to a new hairdo. Binita approves.

Prema takes a rare five on the slide with Saran, Pushpa and Santosh.

Hannah and Brittany in their new kurtas with Asuna and Sushma.

An unsuspecting Hannah receives a crunching slide tackle from Suraj, while Pratima calls for the ball (or runs away, we can't remember). Check out Saran in goal in the distance. That's Bishal sitting on the ground next to him, picking grass. He plays very casual D.

Brittany and the older girls getting ready for school. It's Friday, as you can tell.

Binita completes a twirl in her Friday whites.

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Ruth and Irwin said...

Enjoying another series of blog entries. Always great to hear what the kids are doing and especially seeing the pictures. Take care and greet all.