Friday, May 02, 2008

Off the List?

Nepal has been on the United States' travel warning list for the past four years, which has been personally frustrating for Jennifer and me because we've been wanting to bring students here for summer programs. Nepal's designation as a state with "terrorists" has convinced our university (and many others) to abide the state department's guidelines. We have brought students here but they cannot earn credits from their school; they must go as private citizens.

You probably know that Jennifer and I do not share this opinion about travel in Nepal. In fact, we feel safer there than many places in the US.

With the recent election in Nepal, Maoists won a decisive number of the seats and will be the controlling party in the new constituent assembly, which also will feature 34% women, up from 5% in the 1990 assembly.

The US embassy in Nepal has refused to talk with Maoists leaders since they made the travel warning list designation. Jimmy Carter has made a few visits to encourage our government to lay down this boycott but to no avail.

However, it seems that things might be changing.



Anonymous said...

That is good news! Even though I'm graduating from UMM this year, I'd still love to visit Sam's House sometime.

Melanie H said...

Oops.. the anonymous comment was from me (Melanie)